Thank you for visiting our Website. If you have not personally visited the Center in a while, you are missing out! We have exhibits and events happening and changing almost monthly.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the Center, taken a workshop, participated in a fundraising event, attended an event of any kind, and to everyone who has been so beneficial in our existence these last 29 years.

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School Year Hours of operation: Tuesday - Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday: 10am to 3pm. Closed Sunday and Monday
Main Gallery:
November 4th through December 30
"Jack Maxwell: Journeys 2011-2014"
"Saint Brides Flowers"
Oil  36x72
"Three Boats and Four Chairs"
Goache  24x36
These paintings are inspired by my travels in England, Wales, Spain and Italy. The most recent pieces are from Scotland where we journeyed this past summer. 
My work tends to reflect my desire for quietness and peace in intimate settings, whether this is found in the pristine beauty and wonder of nature or in both grand and simple manmade edifices. But I am drawn most strongly toward small rural villages and particularly to the sacred solitude of small parish churches.
Through paint and brush—color, texture and light--I have sought to instill in these paintings a sense of the calm, inward joy and occasional awe I have enjoyed in my journeys. And my sincere hope for you is that in their viewing, you might share in these emotions and pleasures as well.

East Gallery:
November 4th through December 30th
"Color of Light, The Artwork of Pamela Blaies"
"Flow Blue and White Roses"
Oil on Linen  9x12
"Sunny Delight"
Oil on Linen  24x12
Pamela Blaies uses the alla prima technique to create representational oils. She completes each piece in one sitting while the paint is still wet. The time limitations of this wet-on-wet method motivates an energetic pace to her work which is evident when viewing the brushwork in her paintings. Inspired by light, she shares her impression of it’s effect through the use of color and contrast.